Walking Grades

Whether it's a leisurely flower walk or something more strenuous, you'll be out for most of the day.
+ indicates either more ascent or more demanding terrain.
Grade Distance Max. Ascent Locations
1 up to
2M/3.5KM Sightseeing Tours
Up to 3 miles a day
300ft/90m Croatia: Istria
2 up to
3 up to
1500ft/460m Bulgaria: Bansko Croatia:Istria Italy: Ischia, Tuscany
Malta: Gozo Montenegro Kotor
Portugal: Madeira Spain: Aracena
3+ up to
Indicates either more Ascent or more Demanding terrain Italy: Abruzzo, Amalfi, Cinque Terre
Spain: La Gomera Romania: Transylvania
4 up to
2500ft/760m Italy: Dolomites.